5 Reasons to Hire Us

We share the 5 reasons to hire us with our clients as we believe that “WHAT we do” is not strategically as important as “WHY we do WHAT we do”.

  • Trust. Trust is not a checklist. Fulfilling all responsibilities of your accountant does not create a trust. Trust is a feeling, not a rational experience. Trust emerges when you sense that your accountant is not only driven by his/her own gain. We believe that establishing trustful relationship with our clients is a paramount to our business model.
  • Competitive rates. We believe in thinking differently. We drive our business with minimum overheads which allows us to offer competitive rates to our clients. PFC team always looking for efficient solutions for the client issues and challenges without jeopardizing the quality of service or the level of risk.
  • High quality services. PFC is a team comprising of chartered accountants, finance experts and consultants with extensive experience. Our team provides one-stop high quality services matching your needs. We take responsibility to deliver best in class service.
  • Strong team morale. We invest more time and effort to build the strong PFC team. We value our employee as importantly as our clients. Happy employees naturally lead to happy clients.
  • We Care. PFC is designed to be large enough to serve you, yet small enough to provide personal care. Our team of experts is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients.  We take pride in knowing our clients personally, and make your needs our priority by assisting you with many other problems related to your business.